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Event Trends: Need To Know 2017

January 3, 2017

by bigfish

Event Trends: Need To Know 2017

Which trends will have an impact on your events this year? Whether you’re planning a conference, a wedding or a private party, get ahead of the curve with our cheat sheet showing the top predicted trends of 2017.


Faux-meat recipes are becoming the next big thing for vegan and vegetarian meals – this doesn’t mean just plant-based food that looks like meat, but recipes that include similar levels of protein and vitamins to those you would find in meat dishes.

You’ve all seen the entertaining images of inappropriately-shaped vegetables, but using ‘wonky veg’ to stop it going to landfill and finding different ways of repurposing food waste are bang on trend for 2017. Think making rice from cauliflower stems or spiralising vegetable stalks.

Aubergine has been growing in popularity over the last few years, but this year chefs will be using aubergine as a carb substitute; spot it masquerading as chips and crisps or replacing your lasagne sheets with roasted aubergine slices.

Read more about clean eating in the first of our superfood series.

quorn meatballs   2676341.main_image_the_sun   aubergine chips


From custom wedding filters to VR experiences, 2017 is without doubt the year of Tech.

With the smartphone now the number one gadget in place at any event, hosts are really starting to maximise the potential they can offer.

From a personal online instagram photo gallery captured by your guests, to a branded record of your company event, your guests can do half the work for you! Social media is the perfect platform to promote your event, from live video streaming to interactive apps.

The 2016 trend for interactive and experiential event experiences continues into 2017, but embraces technology with innovative custom-built VR headsets.


The colour palettes featuring in 2017 rely on heavy metallic tones, from gold and silver through to deep industrial greys. Elegant white  or marble backdrops with soft metallic accents are the basis for many upcoming wedding concepts. Geodes and gemstones are also becoming a big thing, being included in everything from table names to the wedding cake.

Weddings are also seeing a continued departure from traditional catering method. 2016 saw an increased popularity in family style dining, a concept that continues to expand with the introduction of new cuisines. Sharing empanada platters are set to be a big hit! Read more about our latest family style dining wedding here.

MSC_2014_Smartphone-Audience_Mueller_MSC2014   amethyst-geode-wedding-cake-trend-4-57833e1065f64__700   cheese truck


With 2016 being a record year for festival themed weddings and private parties, this trend is set to spill over into the corporate events industry. The stuffy conference persona is being reinvented by incorporating a mix of food stalls, game booths and music into the usual (dare we say it – boring?) educational conferences.

With interactive learning at their focus, this re-imaging of a traditionally static event is seeing a positive result in how the delegates relate to the key topics at hand and feeds in to their lives and interests beyond the office.

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